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Our promises


We are committed to protecting your private information, profiles and personal profiles (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information) that you share with us when browsing our website. We will comply with the highest standards in laws regarding privacy and consumer protection when collecting, using, storing and conveying your personal information.

In order to make sure that you feel safe sharing your personal information with us, we sincerely hope that you read and understand the full text of privacy policy. Once you use our website, it should be deemed that you have accepted, agreed, committed and confirmed that: you will disclose your personal information to us at your own will and upon your agreement; you will abide by all terms and restrictions specified in this privacy policy; your personal information will be collected as you sign up on our website; you agree on any amendments we may make in the future to the privacy policy; you agree that you can be reached by our subsidiaries, affiliates and employees for products you might be interested in (unless you have made clear that you will not receive any such information).

Upon your agreement, we will collect, manage and monitor your personal information. In order to better serve you, we ask you to provide with us personal information and anonymous information which we believe will meet your demands and further improve our services for you, including but not limited to, personal information: your name, gender, age, date of birth, telephone number, fax number, home and mailing addresses, email address and anonymous information.

Categories of personal information collected by our website

All services we provide to you on our website;

– Your identification when you use our website;
– Your experience of using our website;
– Information that our customer service needs to contact you;
– Information to calculate our website usage data;
– Information to make it easier for you to use our website;
– Information collected for market surveys that are aimed to improve our services, products and websites;
– Information collected for our campaigns, marketing activities and promotional plans;
– Information that are collected in accordance with laws and regulations and requirements of government and regulatory authorities including but not limited to disclosure of personal information;
– Information that would allow us and our subsidiaries, affiliated companies, associated companies, employees, agents, service partners and other third-party partners who may base in a country other than yours to contact you for service and/or product promotion;
– Information we need to analyze, verify and/or approve your credit, payments and/or status;
-Information we need to process your payment, for direct debit and/or credit arrangement;
– Information that you need to manage your own accounts and/or that we need to deduct service fees due from your accounts.


Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes so that we may track site and online commercial effects through Google Stats. Only when you use your computer to visit your website can cookies be sent to your drive.

Cookies are frequently used to file browsers’ preferences and habits. Information that cookies collect is anonymous group stats with no specific information about individuals. Cookies can’t be used to retrieve data from your hard drive, your email address or your other personal data. When you revisit our website, cookies help you skip the registration procedure that you have already taken before. Most browsers have default settings that cookies are accepted. You may choose to set that cookies are unaccepted or that you should be notified immediately when cookies are in effect. If you stop cookies, however, you may not be able to activate or use some functions on our website.

If you don’t refuse or remove cookies, every time you visit our website from the same computer, our server will notify us that you are back and we will identify and deliver your registration and payment data, and collect information to be used in usage investigation, market surveys, progress and promotional activities.

You may change settings on the browser you use to visit our website to accept or refuse cookies. You can change settings if you will. You can set your preference on the browser, to accept cookies, notifications of cookies or refuse all cookies. However, if you choose to refuse cookies, our website may not function properly when you visit it. You may need to re-input your personal information, re-save it and other anonymous information.

Your personal and anonymous information will only be kept until the purpose of collecting it has been fulfilled, unless it must be kept for legal purposes.

Provision on ownership and disclosure of personal information

The company owns all personal information collected from the website and will not provide customers’ personal information to any third party. Personal information can only be disclosed for direct selling purposes. Once you have provided us with personal information, you may receive calls, emails or other direct-selling correspondence from us or our subsidiaries. If you don’t wish to receive sales and promotional information, please write to us to the address below. We will respect your demand and will not use your personal information in direct selling activities.

Your personal and anonymous information will only be kept until the purpose of collecting it has been fulfilled, unless it must be kept for legal purposes.

Protection of personal information

We will properly protect safety of your personal information in physical, electronic, managerial and technical aspects. We will strive to makes sure that any personal information we collect from the website will not be disturbed by any irrelevant third-parties. Our safety management measures include but are not limited to:

Physical measure: Physical documents with your information on are locked up.

Electronic measure: Your personal information data will be stored in computer system and media that have strict access permit systems. Managerial measure: Only authorized employees can access your personal information. These employees comply with our internal confidentiality protocols.

Technical measure: Your personal information may be transmitted adopting encryption techniques such as Secure Socket Layer Encryption. Other measures: Our server is protected by a firewall.