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TDM-0701 Shun PM Utility Knife 6.5

TDM-0701 Shun PM Utility Knife 6.5

The use of this knife is very wide, such as peeling, cutting meat used handy. SHUN ”PREMIER” series contains VG10 and bilateral 16-layer SUS430 Damascus pattern, using extremely thin bilateral 16-layer sharp blades, handles for the symmetric oval Walnut wood composite design, prevent slippering from hands and the knife core is designed in the use of hidden toolholder, it shows the beauty of Japanese knife, the blade with a “hammer finish” pattern, avoid sticking knives. Extreme sharpness of blades, SHUN knife can cut the ingredients at the same time without damaging the fibers and retain the flavor B2:M8 the ingredients, bring you a different kind of cooking experience

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